Just an ordinary day

Hi guys, it has been a while hasn't it?
Truth be told I've been uninspired and haven't felt like writing, partly because I didn't have a clue what to write about. Furthermore I didn't want to just write posts for the sake of it. I want whatever I write to come from the heart-  whether it's something as simple as a skin care post or deeper posts like life reflections.

So, what's THIS post about?
A few weeks ago on my way back from zumba class I suddenly felt inspired to write about my day. I felt like there are some days that we just feel good. Not because anything spectacular happened but because at the end of it we think "wow, today wasn't half bad was it?". Then we wonder why we had been dreading it in the first place. Can anyone relate?
I decided to document this uneventful day so that I can always be reminded of how great I felt on that particularly uneventful day. Sometimes when life gets stressful and overwhelming, we tend to focus on all the wrong and none of the right. I believe most of our days are filled with at least one good thing and from now on I want to focus my time and energy on those rather than dwelling/ holding on to the negative things. I think we all should!

I awake in the morning, groggy...still somewhere between "I'm dreaming" and "oh snap it's 5:30 i need to wake up". I drag my whiny self to the bathroom, it's blinding spotlights penetrate through my closed eyelids. As I lazily apply toothpaste to my toothbrush, my eyes begin to adjust to the bright warm lights above me. 
After showering and my arduous moisturizing process -because despite my tiredness, looking ashy is NOT cute- my bed draws me back to it's comforting arms where I lay at first for 2 minutes, then 5 minutes and sadly when I get to 15 minutes I know I must get myself back up.

As I muse over what to wear I spot a burnt orange turtleneck and a pair of stripy trousers. "Perfect" I whisper to myself "that didn't take much effort at all". I pair this ensemble with my trusty white sneakers cleverly dubbed "Alexander fakequeens" by my brother due to their attempt to mimic the original trainers by Alexander McQueen.
Prayers said and devotionals read, I head downstairs to pack my lunch and rush out the door with two slices of Challah bread hanging out of my mouth. Every possible moment on my commute is spent trying to get more sleep and the promise a Yorkie bar (from me to me) was the only thing that sated my restless desire to turn back home and be reunited with my bed.

Uniform on and Yorkie bar in hand- Steph's day can officially start. "Right" I sigh loudly, "let's get on with it". The day consists of seeing patients, meetings, paperwork, phone calls and of course obligatory chatter with colleagues. Over the course of the day, my tiredness and sluggishness are replaced with energy and a sense of fulfilment at having completed my tasks.
At 4 pm: work's over! Home time right?! Wrong: fitness class. It's the same cycle every week- I complain and whine about not wanting go, right up to 5:15 when the class starts. But once it starts, I become immersed in the moment and leave every thought outside the doors of the studio for an hour. 

An hour later- face dried with sweat, curls displaced and sports bra exhausted- I begin the commute home. As I stare out the window of the train watching trees become green blurs and Bleach by Brockhampton blares through my earphones, I can't help but smile and think to myself- today wasn't half bad!

Thanks for reading guys!
Hope you enjoyed it.
Until next time, take care and God bless xo



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