My blogging journey: 2 years on| lessons learnt and useful tips

Hey, guys
Hope you're well?
During my second year of university I got really into makeup, I took it seriously and even used to pretend to do youtube tutorials whenever I applied my makeup. Although it started as a joke, the thought of creating a beauty and fashion channel seemed more and more appealing to me each day and I thought I would try my luck at being the next Jackie Aina or Zoella. However as I gave it more thought, I decided that a YT channel would be too much effort especially as I was going into my final year. Furthermore, the whole makeup thing was a just a phase therefore it didn't make much sense to still go ahead with the beauty channel. So I decided to give blogging a try instead and two years later here I am! It seems like yesterday that I was just picking a domain name and a theme for my site. Despite the ups and downs- the inconsistent posting and feelings of insecurity- I am proud of myself, my growth and of the progress I've made since my first post in 2016.

The main reason I started 'the beautifully unfabulous' was to share positivity and to be a source of encouragement and inspiration to anyone seeking it and whilst my writing style may have evolved the mission still remains the same. Another big reason was to empower girls and women with a similar body shape to mine- and I love that the internet is full of creatives and influencers in all shapes and sizes- I wanted to show that you don't need to have the "conventional" beauty or body as dictated by asociety to look good. As someone who had struggled with body image and self confidence, this blog has been helpful in my healing process and has further enabled me to come out of my shell.
The amazing response and support I've gotten from you all has also been a great confidence booster! I am especially glad to hear from some of you that you appreciate my honesty and find me relatable.

I'm by no means a 'pro' nor do i have verified or elite status (yet) however,  I do have some tips and advice based on my own journey for anyone wishing to start a blog. I was inspired by a handful of people who messaged me on instagram asking for advice so I hope this helps:

JUST DO IT- Don't worry about "what if no one reads my stuff?" or "I'm not popular enough". If you have lots of ideas and the passion then just go for it! I had that same concern when I started but my excitement to start overshadowed any doubt I had.

PATIENCE- If you hope to eventually make £££ and be sponsored by fashion and make up brands you need to understand that it takes time- many of the well known influencers had to start from somewhere and their success didn't come overnight. So be patient and don't be easily discouraged.

DON'T COMPARE- Seriously try not to do this, it truly is the thief of joy. There is nothing wrong with browsing other blogs for inspirations and ideas BUT don't fall into the trap of thinking your content is not as good simply because it doesn't look exactly like theirs or because they have more followers and engagement on their site (this also applies to instagram).

PLAN- thinking of what to write is not as easy as one might think. If only I could just stare at the screen and be immediately hit with inspiration! One thing that helps me is planning ahead- I have a 'blogger notepad' where I write down ideas for future blog posts, note down outfit combinations and any other thing that pops into my head.

BE CONSISTENT- basically don't be like me last year haha. But seriously, consistency is key if you want to be successful and I don't just mean in terms of money or sponsorship. I also mean in terms of engagement and interaction from your readers and subscribers.

STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF- don't sell yourself out for fast fame, money, followers etc. Of course growth and development will naturally occur on your blogging journey but make sure that you don't lose yourself and authenticity in the process. Also don't buy followers, am I the only one that thinks it's weird? I think it feels better when you earn them, there's a certain sense of accomplishment that comes with that. Buying them kinda feels like cheating (in my opinion anyway)

TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR CRAFT- this point echoes what I said earlier about not comparing yourself to others. Be proud of your content even if you think "it's still not as good as so and so's". An important thing I've learned is that just because your stuff is different from someone else doesn't automatically mean it's not good. If everyone chose to do exactly what one person was doing, wouldn't all blogs basically just be the same thing?

DON'T BREAK THE BANK-  this is for those wishing to start a fashion/beauty blog: You don't have to shop expensive to look expensive. *sigh* I wish I could somehow get back all the money I foolishly squandered on ASOS all in the name of wanting to be 'trendy'. Now don't get me wrong I love ASOS (seriously with the amount of times i shop there I'm surprised they haven't asked to sponsor me) but there were a lot of things I bought that weren't needed and some I never wore and eventually gave away. I just kept thinking the clothes I had in my wardrobe were not good enough or 'blogger worthy' but what I was really lacking was creativity. You'll be surprised how many different outfit combinations you can make from clothes you already have. Perhaps I should do a post about being stylish on a budget? Do let me know

And last but not least;

ENJOY THE JOURNEY- just have fun with it, enjoy taking pictures and sharing your thoughts with everyone. Don't be so focused on becoming a 'pro' to the point where blogging becomes a laborious and un-enjoyable task for you.

Overall I've enjoyed being the beautifully unfabulous and looking back from my first post to now, I am really proud of how far I've come. Like I said at the beginning of the year I am all about consistency and bringing you guys more great content this year. Thank you all for sticking with me and following me on this journey. Your support means so much to me and is honestly what keeps me going. God bless you all!

Finally to my family and friends thank you all so much for your unwavering support, I love you all so much.

Until next time, take care and God bless xoxo



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