Sweet Mother

Hey guys, hope you're all well?

Do you ever get those moments where you look at your mum and say, "God please don't take her anytime soon"? Yeah me too.
Mother's day was on Sunday and then Monday was my mum's birthday, so it was a double celebration for her (more presents for her, yay!). Those two days gave me the opportunity to greatly express my appreciation and love for her, for all that she has done for me which is what inspired me to write this post.

Guys, my mum is amazing! I am so grateful to God for choosing her to bring me into this world... You know, she often says that we (her children) are her gift from God but to be honest she is the real gift. If I start to get into the details of all her wonderfulness I'll end up writing a book so I'll just say a few things.

My mother has not had an easy life but one thing I've always admired about her is this ability she has to just take it all in her stride and still hold herself in such a graceful manner. Even when she's dealing with a lot of stress or hardships, people outside won't know because she still finds reasons to smile-she remains her kind and loving self, even when she doesn't have much she still puts others first. When I was younger I never understood why in the midst of our own struggles she would still share what little she had with other people. But I get it now, she wasn't doing it to gain anything back...she was doing it out of love for God and for her neighbour and this is just one of the many lessons I learned from her growing up.

When my mum made the decision to move us to the UK almost 12 years ago, some people thought it was a bad idea, that it was pointless. But because of the complete trust and faith she had in God, she did not back down from her decision. She was taking a big risk leaving everything to start again, (this is something I'm sure my fellow migrants or children of migrants can relate to) in a new country where her accomplishments and experiences were not recognised simply because they were from another country. She went from being the 'madam' in her company to a temp working in a filing room. She could have easily sat at home and said "how can I be working in that small role, me that I had people running errands for me before". Instead, she took that job and did it with joy and humility because she had children to take care of. By humbling herself, I believe God carried her to greater heights and blessed her with a successful career within 6 years of settling down in the UK.

Our first five or six years in this country were not the easiest but in the midst of all of that, my mum made sure that we did not let our despair or anxiety over our circumstance take our focus away from the one who was our helper, God. In fact, it was in that time that my own personal relationship with God started to form and it was also during that time that the bond between my mother, my brother and I grew even closer. My mum did all she could to make sure we never felt left out from our peers; she made sure we had nice clothes,  the latest gadgets and games consoles...you know the typical things that teenagers thought were the most important things in the world (at the time). She didn't let our circumstances define us, she believed that we were destined for great things. She always had big plans and dreams for us which she was not going to give up on just because we were in a particular situation she considered temporary (and she was damn right) and God in his infinite mercy rewarded her for her faith!

One memory that has a special place in my heart took place in 2011/2012, when I was going to my sixth form to register for the subjects I wanted to take for A levels. So get this, I wanted to take up chemistry, biology, psychology and german and I had checked all the grade requirements needed for each subject to make sure I had the grades (which I did). So there I was, all cool and collected walking into the hall where registration was taking place; I went to sign up for german but ended up having to do french instead because no one else had signed up for german, so I was like okay whatever, that's cool I even did better in French anyway. Then I go and sign up for psychology, that literally took 5 seconds so after that I went straight to the sciences table and guys even before I approached the table, the chemistry teacher had already started shaking her head saying NO, which confused the hell out of me because I got an A in that subject. Anyways her lame excuse was that even though I got the grade, I came from a lower set so she didn't think I would be able to handle AS level chemistry. THEN whilst I was still trying to collect my senses, the biology teachers hit me with the same excuse and then I was told I would have to pick one or the other but I refused because I planned to study medicine in university and guys, sharing that with them was the worst mistake ever. They SHATTERED all my confidence, my hopes and my dreams in less than 5 minutes and before I knew it I had somehow been convinced to take up Religious studies instead and was advised to follow another career path.

Well, my mother was not having any of that, oh no! In her true Nigerian parent style, she came with me on the first day of term to give these teachers a piece of her mind. After a long meeting with the head of science, I was allowed to do my preferred subjects much to the chagrin of my teachers especially the chemistry one.
Even though I got to do my subjects, they made my life a living hell..., I became a former shell of myself. I was bitter, depressed and even suicidal at one point-I had completely lost confidence in myself and my academic abilities and other skills, (oh and don't even get me started on that horrible french teacher who just disliked me from day one). My mother just couldn't take seeing me like that any longer so she took me out of that school and enrolled me in a private one. Now guys, that school was NOT cheap but my mum made major sacrifices for me. She had to make a number of life adjustments and deprived herself of a lot of things to make sure my fees were paid on time and I wouldn't have any problems with the office. To her, the sacrifice was worth it if it meant that her daughter was able to gain her confidence back and go back to being the cheerful girl that she once was. This is just one example out of the millions of things my mother has done for me and why I love her so much. I'm just always full of joy and gratitude.

She is so supportive of me, whether it's big and important things or small and trivial things, I know that I always have her full attention. For example when I started playing around with the idea of starting a blog I thought she was going to give me a typical "just face your books" response but instead she got so excited for me and starting helping me with planning ideas and content. When I started to doubt myself because I thought no one would be interested in reading it, she encouraged me to continue and said "even if it's only one person reading it, you don't know what positive impact that might have on the person". I love that she reads everything I post and (I am grateful that she does because she helps me look out for typos) and she even shares my link with everyone on her whatsapp. I love that she knows how important it is for me and will even shout at me if I've been slacking off and been inconsistent (I love you for that mummy, even though I get stroppy haha).

Oh I could go on and on but I'll just round up by saying, I love my mother very much (in case you didn't get that from the huge paragraphs I've written), I appreciate her for absolutely everything she has done for me, I thank God for her life and I pray that He continues to keep her, bless her and guide her in all her endeavours. I pray that God blesses all mothers out there for all the sacrifices they make and all the care and love they give, I also pray for those who have lost their children, that God brings them comfort and for those who have lost their mothers that God helps them to fill that void with His abundant love.

We only get one mother in this life so let's always remember to appreciate them!

Thanks so much for reading, hope you enjoyed it!
Until next time, take care and God bless xoxo

Can a mother forget her nursing child? Can she feel no love for the child she has borne? – Isaiah 49:15



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