Nok by Alara

 Hey guys,
Hope you're all well? I know you're wondering a few things...where the hell have I been and why am I STILL posting about my Nigeria trip, like yes Stephanie we get it you had a great time but sis get a grip we're in March now! I mean it's practically summer soon!

If you were indeed thinking any of these things, well I can't say I blame you. I mean I promised you guys more consistent posting this year and then I go and disappear for almost a month, like what is that about huh? Let me just start by saying I'M SORRY! I suck I know, however in my defense I was busy with work and then when I finally had free time, we were greeted with the 'beast from the east' and all that snow and the freezing temperatures didn't motivate me to pick up my laptop to write something or even go out to take outfit pictures. So there, technically (not really but let's just roll with it) we have the snow to blame for my absence.

 That also brings me to one of the reasons why I decided to post another Naija related thing (but this is the last one I promise), the weather has been super depressing lately- but thank God it's finally picking up-so it kinda put me in a 'meh' mood meaning that I wasn't feeling or getting any sort of creative or writing inspiration and I didn't want to post meaningless content for the sake of it. During our snow-in days, I spent a lot of time looking through the pictures I took during my holiday and I wished that I could somehow be transported into the photo or at least absorb all the warmth from it. One thing you should know about me is that I really dislike winter and I'm not a big fan of snow either, I would rather sweat profusely than be in bed shivering and chattering my teeth! Also I HATE having to wear layers or a coat- like don't you hate when you have a really nice outfit on but nobody can see it because you have to keep warm *rolls eyes*. Anyways winter rant aside, I just really liked the pictures I took and it reminded me of how much fun I had that day so I wanted to share that with you guys.

I had been seeing photos of Nok on a number of Nigerian blogger pages and I was instantly drawn to it and thought "okay, I must go there". Funny enough at the time I didn't even know I would be going to Nigeria for christmas.
Alara is a store that sells high end and designer brands ranging from accessories to clothing as well as their own brands. Most of those close to me know I am obsessed with stationery and this store had the most amazing selection of notepads and journals (I know-I was surrounded by so many beautiful items but here I am talking about stationery) but I didn't even have to ask for the price to know it was going to cost more than I would normally pay for a notepad. Sadly I had spent a huge part of my money on my braided wig (which I do NOT regret at all) and I still had a lot of other things to buy so it was with a heavy heart that I had to leave the notepad behind- my purse and I will come prepared next time! The store was so beautifully decorated and I wish I had taken pictures but honestly I was feeling a bit nervous and  'out of place'- looking back now it was very silly of me to feel intimidated just because its a fancy and expensive store, like hello?! I go to selfridges all the time and I shamelessly collect free samples and have a browse around for clothes that I know I have zero intention of buying.
That being said though, I am very clumsy and accident prone and knowing my luck if I tripped over myself (as I usually do) I would have fallen down the little steps and grabbed something expensive on my way down thus breaking it in the process so perhaps it's best that I kept my hands to myself.

Most of this gorgeous building is actually the store, Alara and then behind it is Nok the restaurant- hence why it's called Nok by Alara. Then apart from the restaurant inside, the other main attraction is the bar and sitting area outside, ugh it was so nice and relaxing to bask in the sun with my ice cold mocktail which was a tad bit overpriced (considering how small the glass was!) but hey I guess you're paying more for the aesthetic than the actual drink if not I could just have sat at home and drank juice.I love how vibrant and colourful everything is, I mean doesn't it just instantly brighten up your mood?
Unfortunately (for my belly, but not necessarily my purse), we got there around the time the kitchen was closing so we couldn't order any food which was disappointing because I had checked out their menu before hand and everything looked so good! Apart from tasting good, I love when food looks know when it's all arranged beautifully on the plate that for a moment you forget you're really just eating puff puff or something.

If you live in Lagos or are planning to visit anytime soon then I definitely recommend this place (just come prepared with your wallet) , make sure you take loads of pictures like I did and if you want, you can tag them on instagram so that your photo can be featured on their page @nokbyalara
There are many beautiful places, venues and attractions not just in Lagos but in other parts of Nigeria which one can visit. Sadly because of time, I couldn't go to as many places as I wanted to but I plan to continue those adventures next time I visit. I started following this page called @lagoslife on instagram, the whole feed is a collection of pictures taken by residents of Lagos showing its beauty and many attractions and I think it's a page worth following if you want ideas of places to visit or things to do in Lagos.

I must say that despite Nigeria and all its faults (not like other countries are perfect anyway), I wouldn't change being Nigerian; although some might disagree with me, I believe that there is a lot of beauty here-raw and natural but also manmade- and as I took pictures throughout my trip (in Ilorin, Oro and Lagos), I posted and showed them off on social media with pride.
There are a great number of ignorant people that still have this backwards mentality and image when it comes to African countries- you know those ones that think we don't have roads or we live in huts or everywhere is "really dirty". Oh, and don't get me started on the ones who think Africa is one country and they think once they hop off the plane they're going to be greeted with people carrying spears with lions and elephants just walking around casually.
I know you're thinking "girl, its 2018, who still thinks like that?!" but I mean just last year we had 'someone' refer to countries in Africa as "shithole countries" *insert side-eye emoji*

So I'm going to end this here before I start ranting! Hope you enjoyed reading this and more importantly I hope these pictures cheer you up from this dreary and grey weather we're in right now. I will be back to posting regularly as promised #consistency2018 so don't worry I won't disappear again.

Until next time
Take care and God bless xoxo



  1. Girl!!!! I can never stop going to that place!!! Meanwhile am going to the beach to soak up some sun for you cAuse I care 🌞

    1. Babes as in!!! I can't wait to come back. Osheyyy Jare, soak it WELL xo

  2. Love your post!! Can't wait to go Nigeria myself xoxox

    1. Thanks a lot love! Yass, I hope you have tons of fun whenever you do go xoxo