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Hey guys, hope you're all well?

So I'm back again with another naija outfit. Don't you love when you plan a whole outfit in your head and then it ACTUALLY comes together nicely and looks dope in real life?? I totally had that moment when it came to this outfit, I won't lie I was a bit skeptical especially because I have this weird habit of seeing myself as twice my actual I the only one who does this or can some of you relate?
Anyways, the main attraction of the outfit is the cute bum bag I'm wearing which I got from an awesome site called Mojo Kojo .Yeah you already know a story is going to follow- So I came across this brand on instagram last year and I instantly fell in love! I love the use of African prints on the products and I especially love that the fabrics come from local markets in Nigeria. Another thing I like about it is the various styles of the clothes fit with normal they can be worn as a normal, stylish outfit and they will also compliment and go with stuff in your wardrobe like jeans, skirts, tops (which you can layer underneath the dresses on the site). I think that's pretty cool especially for the young demographic that it targets; you know it gives you a means of expressing your culture in a casual way (not like David Oyelowo at the black panther movie premiere) without needing to be overdressed like when wearing ankara to a wedding or something. I hope that makes sense, I promise it made sense when I was saying it out loud a minute ago lol.

The owner and founder of the clothing brand, Koye is Nigerian (yass Naija no dey carry last) which of course made me love the brand even more and yes I am aware of the shameless bias I'm displaying right now (#sorrynotsorry?). He is such a lovely and down to earth guy, and I love the fact that even though his brand is popping and successful he doesn't act stuck up or in a "I'm too cool for you" manner like a few clothing brand owners sometimes do. So do be sure to follow him on insta @mojokojouk and of course visit his site and get yourself some cool stuff! You can also read all about how Mojo Kojo started and other great things on the site.  Also a big congrats to him for releasing his second Urban Outfitters x MojoKojo collection which is now available in all USA stores! I love seeing my fellow country people doing big things and I think 2017 was a big year for Nigerian creatives and artists, may God grant them all even more success in 2018. AMEN
Top-Asos (sold out similar here)| Bag- Mojo Kojo| Leggings- Asos
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it
Until next time, take care and God bless xoxo



  1. Giiiiilll orange is so your colour!!! Great post had fun reading 🧡🧡🧡

  2. Thanks so much Hun!! Thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed it xoxo

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