The Naija Diaries || New year, New blog?

Happy New Year lovelies!

Yes, I know that we're already 19 days into 2018 but I haven't posted since last year so it is only right that I wish you all a happy new year. I pray that all your hopes and dreams for this year come true!

Let me first start by  apologising  for my poor work ethic last year with regards to posting. Let's not mince words I was actually terrible, a complete mess and seriously lacking in consistency.
Furthermore, (you're probably thinking "sis, you say this all the time") I never felt good enough to do this blogging thing and every time I looked at my content,blog layout and the outfit pictures there was this voice in my head which just kept saying "this is so crap". Even today I considered deleting my blog but you know what? I think that's the more reason why I should keep at it and it's not like I'm lacking in ideas or inspiration so there's no real reason why I should stop blogging. My number one 2018 resolution is to beat procrastination and inconsistency with my blog and in other areas of my life. My mum always tells me that I could be great and reach higher heights of success but my lack of consistency is what slows me down and she is so right. So my fellow procrastinators (because I know I'm not alone), this 2018 let's beat this! All the things that have been on our to-do list for WAY too long, things things we've kept saying "tomorrow" to let's start doing them today, right now, this moment (after you finish reading this post of course haha). So I guess in a way the blog will be 'new' in the sense that, posts will be more frequent and consistent (I'm sure you're all tired of the word by now) and will be bursting with so much awesome content that you guys will have no choice to forgive me for my shitty blogger behaviour  (right?!)

If you follow me on insta (stephoguns) then you already know I spent the Christmas holidays in Nigeria and let me just say I had a FAB time for so many reasons the main one being that it gave me a break from the harsh UK weather ; it was extremely hot but I relished every moment of it, heat rash and sunburn included . The last time I went to Nigeria was about 4 years ago when my grandfather died so it was really nice to be back with family after such a long time and I hadn't realised how much I missed them, I mean yes we kept connected via social media but nothing compares to actually being with them. As I mentioned on one of my instagram posts, all my posts for January will be about my holiday- outfits , my cousin's wedding, places I visited and so on. I just thought I would use this post as a sort of introduction to my "Naija diaries" and to let y'all know that I shall be taking my blog a lot more seriously this year (and this time I mean that).

So look out for the great content that is to come and until then I shall leave you with some shots I took during my time in Nigeria.

Thanks for reading and until next time, take care and God bless xx



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