Orange Lookbook: Series 2

Top- H&M
Skirt- Asos
Mules- Primark

Hi guys,

Hope you're all well and good? I've started a new job as a PA (personal assistant) for individuals with spinal cord injuries (I'm currently in Staffordshire on an assignment) and so far I'm liking it, it is tasking and a lot of work but I have to say it's rewarding so far...I know that each client will be different and some might be more easy going than others (like the lovely client I'm with now) but overall I know that I'm going to be gaining loads of experiences and developing new skills which will be beneficial for me as I wish to pursue a career in Medicine (I sent in my application in October, pray for me guys!) . So, yeah I've been quite busy this week which is why the next series in my lookbook is a bit late .

I'm not going to lie, when we took this pictures I hated them. I hated the way I looked in the skirt (and I still kinda do because I haven't worn it since) and I got paranoid and thought people were staring at me and were also in agreement of how horrible I looked in the skirt. That being said, I decided to go ahead and keep the pictures and post them because a) I was aware of how dramatic I was being and I know now that I don't actually look bad b) just because it looked way different on the model than it did on me doesn't automatically mean it looks bad on me and this is something I always have to remind myself. Smaller, slimmer bodies (although beautiful) should not be the only standard when it comes to body type or how clothes should look/fit. I think that's another reason why I like having this blog and posting outfits because it gives girls/women with the same of similar body shape an idea of what certain clothes would look like on them and also perhaps give some confidence to those who feel or have been told (by people who don't know how to mind their business) that they can't wear certain things because of their size or shape.

*inserts shameless plug* if you ever want some outfit inspo (not just from me but other stylish babes), I will start posting outfits and where they are from on a super cool app called Looker (insta @lookerhq) so be sure to download it and follow me on there (if you want!). Quite a few bloggers have profiles on this app so you're likely to find your faves on there and get some fashion inspo from them. Furthermore, you can make yourself a profile and share your fab outfits on there so that others can get some sweet inspiration too.

I know it's November now and you're probably thinking where the hell am I going to wear this outfit to in this weather?? To be fair I did takes these pics in September but I'm still in denial when summer ends and keep thinking "this is fine, I can still wear this" plus I get really hot easily (I'm that weirdo who sweats profusely even in 0 degree weather). However, if you're not like me, you could easily swap the one shoulder top for a more weather appropriate one (black/white roll neck jumper perhaps?) and if you absolutely can't stand the cold you could wear tights underneath. Shoes-wise...I'm not sure actually, maybe a pair of old skool vans? docs? cute flats? I don't know, I'll leave that for you to decide!

That's all for today guys, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post.

Until next time, take care and God bless xx



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