Orange Lookbook: Series 1

My friends got me the cutest polaroid camera for my birthday! Thank Nnenna and Fola, I love you guys xx

Beret- eBay
Boots- Dr martens
Hi guys? Hope you're all well?

So I've been LOVING the colour orange lately; I just love how vibrant it is and of course I love the contrast of this colour on black skin (but of course it looks great on all skin colours because it such an awesome colour!).

I have quite a few orange pieces in my wardrobe and I was playing dress up (where I just try on clothes and try to come up with different outfit combinations so I can have more fab content to post for you guys, yay!) and then it hit me- why don't I just do a mini lookbook series with some of my orange pieces and show you all how I style them to give you some inspo?? Such a great idea, am I right?

The first look in this series is this gorgeous jumpsuit which I got from Asos, I found it during one of my online window shopping moments, I saw the grey one at first and I thought "okay, cute" but then I saw this orange one and I just knew it had to be mine and the price made it even better! I believe i got it for £12-what a BARGAIN ! I love the frilly/ruched detail at the top of the jumpsuit . The only downfall is that the part underneath my armpit gets crushed when my arms are down and as much as I would love to keep my arms up the whole time so that I don't ruin the cute detail, I think I would look pretty weird haha.

I also love how comfortable it is- the material is like jogger material so it's easy to get on and off and there is ample room to move about. I actually wore this cute piece for my birthday day (I turned 23 on the 7th of September, *sigh* I'm getting old) and since it was still pretty warm then I didn't wear jacket with it but if I were to wear one I would go with a biker style jacket (doesn't have to be leather) or a nice denim jacket. Or if you're a bit more daring and "high fashion" you could go for the layering look e.g. wear a roll neck/turtle neck top underneath (I might actually try it to see if we have a potential look on our hands). I went for my trusty old docs (which I got on my 16th so the boots turned 7 this year!) but I think the jumpsuit would also look nice with trainers such as air forces or converses.

For accessories, I chose a beret because I think they just give that extra "oomph" to an already bomb outfit and honestly they're so cute. Guys, do yourselves a favour and get a beret. My sunnies are from, aren't they just the cutest? And they're currently on sale for £6! So grab them while you can peeps. I think I've talked about the site on a previous post but seriously it's a cool site and is owned by this lovely queen Abby (insta @qtiwa) and you know it's important in this day and age to support our small black businesses who are grinding out there.

I'm gonna end this post right here, thanks for reading! Let me know what you think about this outfit, if you're here for this orange trend and if there's another colour lookbook series you would like to see.

Until next time, take care and God bless xoxo



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