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Jacket- Reading festival
(Customized by my mama)

BMTH shirt- eBay
Trousers- Bershka
Boots- Dr Martens
Choker- eBay
Sunnies- Brick lane

Top- Asos
(Customized by my mama)
Choker- Primark
Leggings- F&F
Trainers- Asos

Hoodie- eBay
Lace cami- Asos
Culottes- Bershka
Platform Trainers- New Look

Floral top- East End Thrift Store
Culottes- Asos
Mules- Primark
Bag- Primark
(if you can even see it!)
Hey all, hope you guys are good?

Everytime I wear an outfit that I like and I think looks nice, I always have to take a photo (I'm such a blogger I know haha) and these ones above are a collection of outfits that have been chilling in my camera roll for quite a while.

I think the way I dress reflects the person I am and the word that comes to mind is eclectic...meaning I like a wide range of things (music, food, movies and of course clothes), I don't just stick to one theme or genre as I like them all and I just think why restrict yourself when you can have/be a bit of everything? I like the fact that I can be a whole different person with just the change of an outfit you know?

That being said though, there are a few things I wouldn't be caught dead in (I don't care how popular or "in trend" they are) because I just don't find them appealing. An example of this would be the hoodie top thing, which is basically just the hood and sleeves as the rest of it has been cut out. I just think what's the point! Its like wearing scraps of random material from a tailor's shop.

 However, each to their own because to be fair, there are couple of outfits of mine that are a bit too "out there" for my friends but I love to  embrace the weird and different. So, basically wear what makes you happy because if you're so focused on whether or not people approve of your style then you'll be pretty unhappy and same goes for other areas of life to be honest (yes I will always add some 'cheesy' words of inspiration and self love advice!)

I love the jacket in the first outfit! Quick story about it: I was on asos "window shopping" when I saw this exact jacket and I instantly fell in love then I peeped the price and guys it was £45 and in a very Nigerian way I exclaimed 'AH! for what?' and then I suddenly remembered that I in fact had a camo jacket that I had bought for £7 at Reading festival in 2015. I showed my mum the picture on asos and as the creative genius she is, she cut the jacket up to waist length and used the cut off part to make the ruffle sleeves and we then sewed on some awesome patches which were super cheap from AliExpress. She also customised my 'life is a marshmallow' top by adding the frilly peplum at the bottom because the top was a crop one before and it was a bit too short. How cool is my mum guys?!

I like to believe I am a creative person plus I love all things DIY, so sometimes when I visit clothing websites I look at pieces of clothing which I feel like I could easily recreate at home with just a few tools and items. I like doing this because a) it gives me a sense of authenticity (does that make sense?) and of course b) I SAVE MONEY! And who doesn't love that ay?
So I urge you guys to try it one of these days, maybe try some tie dye on an old t shirt to re vamp it or get busy with some scissors and distress some denim or whatever, YouTube is your best friend if you need help bring that creative side out of you!

If you read this to the end, you are a trooper! As always, I would love to know what you think and until next time, take care and stay blessed xx



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