Floral mami

Hey all, how's everyone doing? It's been a minute! With regards to why it has been so long....I'm just gonna say that I don't deal well with pressure (work and other parts of life) so I needed to take a break and just get myself together but I'm better (and for the millionth and last time, hopefully I actually post frequently now! God willing)

Okay so now on to my outfit! I love the vintage look of the floral print on the shirt and how the gold camisole I'm wearing underneath complements it. I like when outfits that I plan in my head come together exactly as planned, it's just the best honestly. Floral print is a big trend this season and can be found in most stores and with regards to floral print shirts like this one, you can find so many in thrift/vintage stores or even local charity stores for really cheap. I think this one was £1! I do love a cheeky bargain.For a splash of vibrancy, I paired this outfit with my bright green reeboks which were an impulse buy and such a bargain at just £20!! And they weren't even second hand (amazing stuff I know).
I rarely talk about my makeup because A) I rarely wear it and B) I'm not an expert or MUA so I won't really know what I'm talking about. As for this look, the makeup is minimal; foundation, mascara, filled in brows and brown liquid lipstick which I got from new look. I really like dark lipstick, especially the brown ones as they give me 90s grunge vibes.

Let's also get into this ginger hair guys, I have always loved this hair colour and I never understood why some of the white girls I went to school were teased for being red haired. I've always thought the colour to be stunning on all skin tones to be honest and I had also toyed with the possibility of dyeing my hair that colour. My mum suggested I do it on a wig first to see if I like it and if it suits me, and I can definitely say yes to both those questions because from the moment I got this wig back from the hairdressers I have been FEELING myself and have even proceeded to name it SZA (if you know, you know haha).  As already mentioned,the hair was originally brown (it was actually my mum's but I used my excellent persuasion skills to take it from her) but I used 2 packs of dark and lovely hair dye (can't remember the colour name) and 2 packs of creme of nature hair exoctic shine colour in red copper. I was worried the curls would be lost after the colouring process but as you can see, they're still poppin' (yay!).

Sometime very soon (sorry mum), I plan to dye my hair blonde first then maybe grey or ginger, I'm still deciding. What do you guys think? Yay or nay? Let me know in the comments section

Until next time, God bless xx

Floral Top- East End Thrift Store
Gold cami- New Look
Jeans- Asos
Trainers- M and m direct