Lady in red and loving life

Hello! It has been a minute since I posted on here. My last post was just before exam season and although I took a lot of outfit pics, I just didn't have any time to pot them. My exams were TOUGH but I got through them and I am extremely pleased to say that I will be graduating next week with a 2:1 in biomedical sciences! Isn't God just so amazing?! To think there was a time when I didn't even know if I would ever get into university let alone graduate from one. But God was there for me always, my MUM always believed in me when I didn't- she always said I was destined for great things but my self confidence had been severey knocked down by a number of teachers who told me my dreams were too great and pretty much unrealistic. If only the could see me now right?
All of this has taught me that no one has any right to tell you that you're not able, that your standards are too high or that you're not smart enough, strong enough or creative enough to achieve something that YOU want. I believe that most times when people say such things, it's because they know that they don't have the ability and they want every other person t be as miserable as they are.
What God has destined to be yours, will ALWAYS be yours no matter what, no matter how long it takes or how many hurdles you have to jump over to get there.

As I mentioned before, I have a great number of outfit pics which need to be posted so stay tuned for those and many other posts. Until next time, have a great day and God bless xx

Mesh dress- Asos
Denim Jacket- East End Thrift Store
Sandals- Dr Marten
Bag- Pierre Cardin
Glasses- Brick lane



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