Am I Cool Yet?

What does the word "cool" mean to you?

When we were younger being cool was usually associated with being "badass"- I remember in secondary school that the girls I considered cool were the ones who broke the rules, got in trouble with teachers, skipped school or smoked cigarettes. You weren't cool if you actually listened to the teacher (haha sounds so silly) or wore your school uniform the way it was intended to be worn. I remember I pimped my school blazer with band badges and constantly kept the sleeves rolled up like I saw the cool indie girls do. I actually cringed typing that sentence haha! I swear I was OBSESSED with fitting in, being recognised and admired (mostly by the popular girls). I'm ashamed to say I even contemplated taking up smoking so that I could have something in common with them. I always wished I could go to their parties or go out clubbing with them but of course I remembered I was Nigerian and I couldn't just come and go out of the house as I pleased. Who remembers having to ask permission from their parents like a week (or sometimes even longer) prior to any outing or function? And even then, you weren't always guaranteed a yes!

I posted a picture on instagram (stephoguns) from this set with a caption that said, "Yo I feel like I look like a "cool person" here" so it got me thinking, who actually decides what's cool and what's not and for how long is the certain things stays cool? More importantly, why do we care so much?
That being said, I think most of us do grow out of this need to fit in (or it manifests itself in more subtle ways) because we soon realise that there are more important things in life that need our attention.

So in true Stephanie style, I'm going to end this with something cheesy- just be yourself, being "cool" is not the be all and end all of life, there's more to life than having the latest clothes and gadgets or being adored by the masses. 

Until next time, stay blessed xx

Beret- eBay
Waistcoat- eBay
Turtleneck- Primark
Jeans- East end Thrift Store
Boots- Dr martens
Necklace- Thrifted



  1. Love the post, to me cool is being able to be yourself despite what other may say or think. That's cool. Unapologetic self expression :)

    1. Thank you x
      I love that! You should never have to apologise for who you are :)