I'm back and I'm better

Hey all! Hope you're all well and good?

I know it's been a WHILE!  Honestly it's been a hectic past few months- I had my dissertation to write so that had my attention for a while. But I am grateful to God that after all the stress and tears (yes tears were shed), I was able to submit it and now it's all in his hands. Writing this project has been the most challenging thing I have done in my 3 years of studying- I was scared in the beginning that I would not be able to do it but my God is able and he heard my prayers everyday when I asked for understanding and wisdom.

Apart from my dissertations, I had been going through some issues which left feeling incredibly unmotivated. The self doubt and insecurities I struggle with started creeping up again and it felt a bit fraudulent for me to post and share anything when my heart wasn't in it. More so, I was really struggling with my faith; it felt to me like God wasn't there anymore and I no longer felt any desire to pray and when I did pray, it felt like I doing more to tick a box/out of obligation rather than because I really wanted to spend time with God. However, I now realise that in me praying when I didn't want to, God was still listening (as he always does) and answering my prayers but I was too deep in my sadness to realise that he was still working for my good. I'm just so grateful that God's love for me is in abundance, unwavering and never ending! I'm slowly but surely getting back to my old self and also learning new things about myself and how to handle life. During this time away, I think I've finally learnt to understand that life is a journey and a lesson and we're not expected to learn everything and have it all figured out in one day.

I love this picture, I look so sassy and Nnenna looks like my bad and boujee hypeman

Photos by; c_oguns
My outfit here is just a simple grey skater dress which I got for Christmas from my mama and I absolutely love it. I especially like the wrap front style with the key hole detail (so cute!) and I think skater/a-line dresses on the whole are super flattering and suit various body shapes. I kept is "dressy" but casual here by pairing it with a pair of black tights and black ankle boots, a cardigan to keep me warm (this was still in Autumn and I played myself-I should worn a jacket) and a cute mini chain bag (shout out to my babes Nnenna) to keep all my lady essentials. I realised that I don't wear makeup in a lot of my posts and I'm not even doing an Alicia Keys, I just cannot be bothered to beat my face most days.
Dress- miss selfridge
Boots- Primark
Bag- New look
Cardigan- East end Thrift Store

I'm glad to be back and posting again and I look forward to sharing a lot in the future so do stay tuned (by God's grace I wont disappear again). As always your comments are more than welcome :)
Until next time, take care and stay blessed xx

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  1. Love it Steph!!! God bless you and may others be touched by this post ( I know I was) love you xxxx

    1. Thanks a lot baby girl, really means a lot!! love you lots xxx