Body confidence and Finding your worth in God

I decided to post these dope pictures that my brother took of me. Be sure to check him on instagram BeyondTheLens, he's a talented individual :)

Hello lovelies!
I know some might see this post and think "ugh , yet another post about loving our bodies and ourselves"- well yeah it is but you know what? This is a topic that is so important and I don't think we should ever get tired of telling each other that we are beautiful just the way we are and God made us each in his own image (so of course we're beautiful creatures). Now when I say beauty, I don't just mean looks- I mean characteristics and qualities, talents and basically just us as a whole.

Before I go on, I just want to say that its so easy to tell people to love themselves but I always struggle to do that myself (is it just me?!).

Anyways (as most people do) I have had various moments over the last few months of 2016 where I've just wanted to stay indoors because in my mind I was too fat or hideous and it seemed like none of my clothes were fitting me right or suiting me. I was also losing sight of why I was going to the gym (which is to build up my fitness and make exercise a lifestyle thing)- I kept looking in the mirror and thinking to myself "what's the point of going to the gym I still look bad/hideous/fat etc etc". Obviously when I get out of this funk, I'm aware about how irrational my thoughts can be but you know sometimes I can't help it and I think these thoughts come from sometimes comparing myself or my body to other people and wondering whether true happiness will come from looking like them.

Also looking at other people's lives (from their blogs, vlogs, instagram etc), I'm always convinced that their lives are better than mine or they're really living the good life and they have all these nice clothes and shoes and makeup that is perfectly organised in those cute plastic drawers and in my mind my own life pales in comparison.

I've realized that I lack patience and I always want results now- but what I've come to realize on this journey of self love and acceptance is that we have to take it little by little, one day at a time. We also need to realize that we're not just going to turn into the most carefree and confident person in one day, inevitably we WILL have those days and we'll go back to our former ways of thinking. This is why we need to stop looking for our worth in superficial things/in things that are dictated by the media or society and start finding our worth in the only thing that really matters and that is God. Somewhere along the line we've all forgotten what beautiful creatures we are, we've forgotten that there's someone who loves us unconditionally just as we are and that we are so so precious in his sight.
We need to stop letting silly superficial things such as how we look, what clothes we wear, what girl/guy doesn't find us attractive, trying to fit in to "cool" groups etc. In the grand scheme of things these really do not matter at all- our health, our happiness, our relationships our families, friends and God, those are what are more important!

I am really pleased that self love and acceptance is increasing (especially amongst young people)- although we still have a long way to go- I am happy that people are taking back control in terms of not letting others dictate how they should look, how they should feel about things or even what they should feel insecure about. Its about time we did to be honest, in fact that in it itself inspired me to also take back control. Can you imagine how amazing it would be if everyone loved themselves, were not insecure, did not put each other down, knew their true worth was in God and didn't care about those little things?

If we think about it, we weren't born with insecurities or self hate so why is it that a number of us battle with this? Because somewhere along the line, growing up or even in more recent years we have been told directly and indirectly by society or even those close to us that we're not good enough, we're not beautiful enough, we won't be found attractive by the opposite sex if we do or don't do certain things , we're too fat or skinny, what we're wearing doesn't suit us and the list goes ON AND ON! Even for the strongest of hearts out there, words still have the tendency to hurt  and leave a negative long lasting effect on our lives.

I think a great theme  for this whole year would self acceptance -Body positivity, God confidence, Self love and growth...basically being confident in you skin, your being, your life as a whole. As I said before of course it's not going to happen all in one day but remembering where our true worth lies (in God) will definitely help us in our journey of true self acceptance. Spend some time getting to know who you really are, learning not to live by anyone else's standards but your own and lastly have fun falling in love with yourself. We only have one life, do we really want to spend it cowering in the shadows of other people's belittling and mostly irrelevant opinions?

I heard this quote somewhere, it said "some one else's beauty is not the absence of your own". Now lets apply this quote to other parts of our lives- Someone else's success, accomplishments, self worth etc is NOT the absence of your own. We're all good in different ways, we're all beautiful in different ways- we need to stop belittling each other's accomplishments and strengths. You won't find true confidence and self acceptance by believing you're better than every body else. Just because you don't have a particular talent that someone else has doesn't mean you're automatically talentless, it just means that God blessed you with a different talent. Instead of wanting what each other has, we should be celebrating our differences, the things that make us unique!

I could carry on writing forever because I'm just so passionate about it- I have lived for too long feeling like I was not good enough, with regards to everything- the way I look, academics and work, the way i dress, the talents I have and the list goes on. But God finally opened my eyes, He reminded me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and (even though I might still have my bad days) now I know that nothing and no one has the power or any right for that matter to tell me how to feel about myself and honestly it is the most liberating feeling ever.

These are just my own thoughts and feelings, I do not claim to be an expert or think that anything I say is Gospel but to anyone who might find this relatable, I hope it brings some sort of comfort :)

Until next time, God bless xx



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