Faux Fur Aviators with a sprinkle of Black girl magic

Hey all! its been a while I know!
Faux fur/shearling aviator style jackets are definitely one of the most popular trends of the season. I love them, for one they're super warm and they seem to go with most outfits. Its funny I actually had one a few years back, if I knew they were going to make such a comeback perhaps I wouldn't have given it away. Initially I didn't want to buy one but after seeing a friend of mine wearing one in a really cute pastel pink colour, I was immediately in love! I got this gem on sale from PrettyLittleThing for only £26! Which is such a bargain because we know how pricey these jackets can be. Nnenna can certainly attest to that as she got hers from missguided for almost double the price of mine (and that was even the sale price!)

I decided to style the both of us in a casual manner as that reflects how we normally dress most of the time. I love the simplicity of a cute vintage shirt or sweater paired with some mom or ripped jeans with a pair of trainers to complete the look. A great number of my outfits are usually retro inspired because I love clothes from the 70s to the 90s era so they are usually incorporated in my outfits. Our accessories are also kept to a minimum and just consist of some cute chokers (and a ring, if you guys can see it haha).
I love this picture of us! It might not be the most "flattering" picture but I love how it captures us its like I can almost hear us laughing when I look at it. I've recently started following this amazing woman on instagram who is a photographer and her pictures capture real, raw beauty. It captures real people in their environment, flaws and all and there's something just so beautiful about that rawness. She exudes comfort in one's skin and I've been left feeling inspired so when I saw this shot it reminded me of her work. If you would like to check out her feed (which I highly recommend!), her instagram is @yagazieemezi

Nnenna and I thought it would be cool to shoot together because we have the same jackets and we both have fros #blackgirlmagic and (being the nerd I am) I got excited and was like "omg Nnenna, we can do a 'how to style' post on this". Although she was nervous about how she would look in the photos but I don't know why because she looks beautiful in them (you hear that Nnenna?!)
My friends usually have really nice outfits on and I love the whole concept of collab-ing  so I think I'll be featuring some of those on here as well :)

As always I look forward to hearing your thoughts :) Stay tuned for next post!
Until then, God bless xx

Photo Taken by: @c_oguns

My outfit
Jacket- PrettyLittleThing
Sweatshirt- EastEnd Thrift Store
Jeans- GAP (originally white but I dyed them)
Socks- Asos
Trainers- eBay

Nnenna's outfit
Jacket- Missguided (hers was sold out but this one is similar)
Shirt- EastEnd Thrift Store
Jeans- Boohoo
Trainers- Asos



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