Black girl magic part deux ft faux fur aviators

Hey y'all :)
So I'm here again with another outfit post, a sort of continuation of the previous post featuring the aviator jackets. Our outfits are again just simple and casual- a cute shirt, some jeans (or WOMAN jeans as Nnenna calls them) and a nice pair of trainers. For a long time, I thought I had to be overdressed to be stylish which was a bit of a bother for me because as a student who is on the go most of the time, I need clothes that won't be a burden on my body. As I've said before, I'm a great fan of 90s fashion especially that of young people- there's something so nice and effortless in a printed band tee, a pair of mom jeans and a pair of converses.

So as many of us know, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air is on Netflix (who else binge watched all the seasons?!) and I've just been admiring all the outfits on the show, especially those of Hilary, Ashley and Lisa. I mean if I could reach inside the screen and grab all those clothes I seriously would.
Looking at a great number of clothes, fashion trends that we have today and watching throwback shows, its clear to see that trends from that era have greatly influenced us. But anyways, I digress!
We paired our jeans with come cute tops- they are actually presents from both of us( I got her the one she's wearing and vice versa). Nnenna's top is a silver sparkly top- I think the sparkly/glittery top is quite a big trend this season and one that I absolutely love! My top has a sort of varsity top look but the snake skin print makes makes it a bit different and snazzy.

I'm loving the hashtag blackgirlmagic- I think its really beautiful that black girls are taking back control of their confidence and beauty and setting their own standards. For too long, beauty has been defined by glorifying more caucasian features and a lot of us have now been made to feel less than because we didn't fall into any of those categories. But no more! We are beautiful- not beautiful for a black girl, beautiful for a light skin girl, beautiful for a dark skin girl- no, we are beautiful end of! And of course we are, because the one who made us in His image is also beautiful :)

Hope you've enjoyed reading this post! let me know what you think in the comments below :)

Photo taken by: @c_oguns

My outfit
Jacket- PrettyLittleThing
Jeans- GAP (Originally white but dyed it)
Socks- Asos
Vans- Asos
Bag- Pierre Cardin

Nnenna's Outfit
Jacket- Missguided (hers was sold out but this is similar)
Jeans- Missguided
Superstars- Adidas



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