Steph's declassified survival guide to life

I was singing along to "Don't touch my hair" by Solange...I was clearly feeling the song a bit too much. I wasn't going to post this before because its a slip but you know what? it captures my "realness" so what they hey. :) 

How cute are my nails! I'm not usually a fan of the nail shop but Nnenna convinced me to get shellac cos it doesn't involve fake nails.
Hello beautiful people! Yes I know I haven't been active, like I said in a few posts school is no joke and every time I think I have things under control my work is like "nah girl, we're not done with you". So my mood hasn't been the best, in fact my parents had to come and visit me today! I'm so happy that they did, it just lifted my spirits up and has motivated me to keep going in my studies and everyday life because I want to make them proud :)

So, the other day I was looking at my old diary (circa 2013-so I was like 18) and in one of my entries I wrote some advice/life guide to myself and reading it back I thought to myself hmm this is some pretty cool advice and some that I've kept with me till now so I just felt like sharing it with you guys and perhaps it might be useful for some of you :)
P.S. some of them might seem a bit silly but please bear with me I was 18!
I named it a list of things I need to remind myself:

  • Not everyone is going to like you, deal with it. (because let's think about it, you don't like everyone you meet/know)
  • Be content with the life you have, don't think because you don't live the way someone else does that you're missing out (comparison is the thief of joy!)
  • Don't try so hard to get people to like you, people who appreciate you and care about you will like you for who you are
  • Stop seeking attention! Especially to get a boy's attention (You're so much more better than that)
  • Just because you don't get approached by a guy doesn't mean you're ugly! God is keeping you for that special person who is going to think you're the most beautiful person in the world (I believe so)
  • Be kind, genuinely charming and helpful NOT because you're just beg friending to fit in. Nobody rates that. 
  • In all things, give glory to God and the praise and worship that he deserves.
  • Show your family love and respect
  • No hyping up or fighting (You're not ratchet)
  • Face your books!!! Education is important
  • Don't dwell on past mistakes, move on and focus on your present and future
  • Learn the habit of saving (however little it might be- every little helps)
  • Be persistent in chasing your goals and dreams
  • Learn to start taking care of your body and taking pride in your appearance
  • Learn to be independent- don't fall into the mindset of expecting a man to pay for you. Learn to stand on your own feet. (Gold digging is not cute)
  • Don't always assume the worst in every bad situation, don't be paranoid and don't blow things out of proportion (usually its not always as bad as you think)
  • An idle mind is the devil's workshop- keep busy, explore your talents and spend your time being productive
  •  Love God! He is the only way to salvation and eternal life and happiness
  • Be punctual to ALL events and appointments (African timing is the worst)
That's all folks! Again please bear in mind that I wrote this when I was 18 so some of it might sound juvenile...I just decided to type it like that because why not ay?
What pieces of advice/ guides to life do you have? Please feel free to share them with me.
Until next time, stay blessed y'all xx



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