Visit to Cereal Killer

How cute are our round sunnies? they gave me serious seventies vibes especially the yellow and pink tinted ones (#GroovyBaby). They were only a fiver each! We got them from a store in Brick Lane which sells really cool jackets and bags :)

These were made completely with Cheerios! How cool are they?

Ever since I found out about Cereal Killer I knew I HAD to visit. I just love cute little places like this, its such a simple concept but really creative at the same time. I know some people might think " I can just eat cereal at home" but its more than that! First of all; they have a wide variety of cereals many of which I've never heard of and they're not even sold here in the UK (and the ones that are sold here cost more than any sane person would pay for a box of cereal). Second of all, they don't just sell cereal, they also sell milkshakes and hot chocolate which are just soo yummy, besides who doesn't love a good shake (in the summer) and nice warm cocoa (in the winter, or the summer if you're weird haha). Lastly, you don't go there just for the cereal oh no! you visit there to be transported back to your childhood , I mean eating cereal on a bed with teletubbies on it is whilst enjoying a collection of throwback cartoons is definitely not something we do every day (not anymore anyways #imissbeingakid). I had a bowl of lucky charms with vanilla milk, I had always wanted to know what lucky charms tasted like and I have to say I wasn't disappointed but wow sugar rush much?
I was so engrossed in my cereal that I forgot to take a picture and we all know if you don't snapchat your food in 2016 then did you really even eat?

So yeah, get your butts down to Brick Lane  and enjoy some yummy cereal and perhaps an episode of your fave throwback cartoon (mine's Arthur) :)
With regards to my outfit, I was going for an "ooh la la" vibe hence the beret and the scarf and I decided to wear a skirt (for a change) to give this outfit  a more feminine look.

As always, let me know what you guys think. Take care and God bless xx



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