Mellow and Yellow

Hey all! How's it going?

Okay so I'm in LOVE with this lovely yellow jumper which my mum got me for my birthday, I mean what's not to love? First of all the richness of the color is everything..I've actually noticed that this particular shade of yellow seems to be THE color especially during this autumn season (wait, is it autumn yet or we are still in summer? idk). The second best thing about this jumper has got to be the ruffles! RUFFLES! They are my new obsession! I've started hoarding a collection of ruffled clothing- you know those times when you look an outfit and think "hmm its great but it just needs that extra something"- I tell ya, ruffles are that "something" (for me anyways) and I know my obsession is going to go into overdrive and even if they "go out of season", I will still wear them till I'm like 30. I could write a whole thesis on my love for ruffles but lets move on haha.

I paired my beautiful jumper with my distressed ripped jeans (I have more than 2 pairs of bottoms I promise, I just can never be bothered to wear them) and my puma platform trainers which were also a birthday present from my beautiful friends Fola and Nnenna. I really love them for actually getting them...I had wanted to get them for AGESSS but I could never find my size and the price was also a tad cheeky (can't be over splurging on student finance). I don't know if its just me but when I get a new pair of shoes I don't wear any of my other shoes for weeks-these are all I've worn for basically most of September- and then when I decide to wear all my other shoes again I don't touch that particular pair for a long time.

Shout out to my brother for taking these pictures (follow him on insta: c_oguns), I don't know how he does it but every time I expect to look yucky in the photos, I end up looking pretty decent in them. He just knows the proper angles at which to take them and I don't even need to tell him- he's got a real knack for this photography stuff, he's shown me there's more to just clicking away at the camera. If you read this bro I just want to say keep it up :)

In my earlier outfit posts, I've normally posed stiffly without smiling (trying to be all voguesque) as I thought that was like an unwritten "blogger rule" but it felt kind of forced and so not like me. When I saw these pictures at first I thought that some of my poses were a bit goofy but then looking at them again they actually made me smile as they really reflect how happy I was when I took the photos an at the end of the day that's is all that matters isn't it? What I'm learning from my blogger journey so far is that I just need to be myself- as much I use other blogs for inspo and ideas- the main thing is to remember to make it my own rather than a collage of others' blogs.

One of these days (I hope), you guys will visit the comments section and share your thoughts with me and I look forward to that day! Until then, take care and God bless xx

                                                                         Jumper- Asos
                                                                        Jeans- East end Thrift Store
                                                                        Trainers- Puma