Its been a while!

Hey all! Its been like a month since I've posted anything, I know its so bad. There are a few reasons why this has been case:
1. I've been so swamped with work! I've been doing a few jobs here and there...most of which is bar work at festivals. It has its advantages and disadvantages; obviously the main pro is that I get to see quite a lot of acts for free! This summer alone I've seen- Kendrick Lamar, Stevie Wonder, Corinne Bailey Rae, Jamie xx, Florence and the machine, Rihanna!!!, Justin Bieber, Years & Years (I swear I love them!), Sia, Bastille, Mike Posner, Disclosure, Stormzy, Krept and Konan, The 1975, Half Moon Run, The Wombats, Fickle Friends and the list goes on tbh- and this was all for free (anddd i made money too, score!). That being said, the long hours were an absolute killer, my feet suffered a lotttt and camping straight up blows!!! But overall I had a great time, especially when I worked at Reading festival with one of my bffs Nnenna (girl in the pick with me) so that made all the long hours bearable! We had tonss of banter, we were always laughing,,,we made the job seem like the best thing in the world- one guy we were working with thought we were drunk!

2.To be perfectly honest, I had been struggling big time with self confidence- I was constantly comparing my blog to other blogs which i follow and used for inspo and looking at their own layouts, popularity and success I just felt small and puny and it was almost like "why am i even bothering with this". Generally speaking I just had this feeling of not being good enough and I was tempted to delete this whole blog but after praying, asking God to help me with sense of direction as well as restoring confidence in my self (as well as having a very supportive family), I decided to give it another go and for the past few weeks, my mind has just been full of ideas for this blog, so here I am...half an hour to midnight feeling inspired and writing so much that this entry could count as a short novel haha.

3.This kind of ties with my second point- I felt I was trying too hard! Like I was trying so hard to emulate the beautiful ladies whose blogs I follow and in trying too hard (as cheesy as this sounds) I felt like I lost myself. I was always struggling to think of what to write when talking about my outfits- I felt that it had to follow a certain type of format but none of the words were really my own, the only real thing was when I wrote my "why am I beautifully unfabulous" post.
In my one month hiatus, I have had time to reflect and I've had to remind myself why exactly I started this blog. Obviously, it is nice to be well known and have lots of people comment on my posts but really I'm doing this for myself as well as everyday girls like myself perhaps in a way to inspire and give someone the confidence to start their own, the same way I've gained confidence to start my own.

So yeah, from now on I'm just going to be myself and let my blog be a reflection of who I really am and hopefully SOMEONE out there might actually find what I have to say or post interesting :)

I have this really cool app called vsco cam, which I used to edit some of my pictures and these four pictures are some that I edited using the app, I just liked them so I thought I would add them to the post. They're also snippets of what I've been up to since my last post.

I think I've written enough now haha! But I would just like to say that I look forward to continuing this blog and stay tuned for some cool stuff to come. Take care xx



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