Birthday Fun day out

                                         Top- East End thrift store
                                          Jeans- East End thrift store
                                          Trainers- Puma Disc
      How gorg are my girls' outfits?!

Hey beautiful people! So I turned 22 about two weeks ago (old age is looming haha!) and I had the most amazing day with two of my best friends (practically my sisters) and we were tourists in London for a day. I honestly couldn't think of a better way to have spent such a joyous day! Apart from my birthday,
I was also celebrating 10 years of living in this country; My mum took a huge risk leaving everything behind and coming here and having to start from scratch with everything! her career, living conditions, school and so much more. But I thank God almighty for being with us every step of the way especially during those moments when life seemed so bleak and there seemed to be no way out. What an awesome God I serve!!!

London is such a magical place (to me anyways!), there are so many places to explore and most these places can be explored for free in fact you don't always need to travel to find beauty,culture or history. My friends (Fola and Nnenna) had never been to central London and all the typical tourist attractions so we decided to make a day out of it, obviously we couldn't everywhere but seeing as the weather was so nice that day we decided to hit Trafalgar Square first and then just explore other places after.
The National Gallery is a really beautiful building- its funny when my mum used to make my brother and I visit places like this and we used to moan about how boring it was but now I live for visits like these...maturity I guess.We decided to stroll through the park to get to Buckingham palace and what a beautiful stroll it was :)

The day was quite an adventure and these pictures are only half of what I took..I decided to split the pictures into two posts cos they're quite a lot and I wanted to use that as an excuse to make another post because I just love to talk and share my thoughts about stuff ha!



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