Birthday Fun Day continues |Ezra Miller | China Town

Okay so my friends and I got off at Leicester square, you know we're all like excited and ready to go to China town but then we digress and get distracted by street performers. So after watching some act for like 5 mins, we decide to carry on and we haven't walked 2 mins when we get distracted by this caricature artist in front of M & M world ( another major distraction!), so anyways we're like busy admiring his art and the person he's drawing and then I spot Nickelodeon world which and being the big kid I am, I'm like we HAVE to go in and as we're walking by...someone catches my eye and I'm thinking "is that?", "no it can't be"...But Its him! Ezra Miller (Most people might know him from the movie Perks of being a Wallflower...if you haven't seen it, well what are you waiting for?!) and I literally walk past him with my mouth open and he WINKS at me and being the chicken I am I don't stop to say hi. Thankfully I have friends like these two who forced me to go back and talk to him and with that gorgeous smile he says "Ahh I was hoping you would come back!" then he hugs me and I tell him its my birthday and he wishes me a "Happy Birthday and many blessings". He then proceeds to ask us to all take a photo together while we carry him, I have to say our upper body strength is A1 (and Ezra thought so too!). I know I acted like a total fan girl but hey I can't help it, that's just who I am haha :) Meeting him was like the best unexpected birthday pressie ever, it made my day go from really good to perfect! (Yeah i use exclamation points a lot, Yes I'm this animated in real life)

As mentioned earlier, we hit the Nick store (everyone loves a bit of sponge bob) and M&M world which until then I thought was some kind of amusement park you had to pay to enter...I felt quite silly when we entered haha. But i still loved it though, I kinda wanted to stay there forever, the amazing colors were so mesmerizing and come on, who doesn't love M&Ms? I especially love the peanut ones.

Several entertaining distractions later, we finally get to China town (another one of my fave places to go in London), we got pork buns (AMAZING), lots of bubble tea and had dinner at a buffet...I don't think any trip to C-Town can be complete without eating tonss of food. We also hit a really cute store which sells stuff like rings, kimonos, fans, chopsticks etc and I got some lovely smelling incense (I'm really into that at the moment) and an adorable coin purse...I wish I added a photo of it now.

I had such an amazing day, better than what I thought it was going to be. Don't get me wrong going to fancy restaurants and throwing big parties are great, but sometimes nothing beats just being with the people you love and just enjoying the simple things and that is something I've come to realize as I've gotten older. In fact although I'm only 22, I've learnt a few things during this journey called life (cringey but kinda cute right?) and I would like to share a few of my next post so stay tuned.

God bless xx