Casual and Basic feat FILA

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Taken by BeyondTheLens

Hey all! I know its been a long time, I've been extremely busy and to be honest I had been battling with some self confidence issues which made me feel insecure about posting but today I just decided to suck it up and I'm glad I did. Anyways, back to the outfit: its pretty simple and casual: I've come to realize that pairing the right basics together can really make an outfit (major inspo from one of my fave bloggers- tothe9s). I just paired this cute longline vest from FILA with a pair of mom jeans which i'm still in the process of distressing, I'm loving the whole distressed trend this year, in fact the more distressed the better! My choice of footwear was a pair of Birkenstock style sandals (or slippers?) which I feel go with pretty much any outfit and are especially really nice in dressing down most outfits. So yeah that's basically the look- simple, casual and comfy aha. My background is actually behind the college i went to in Kensignton, and this was kinda my hangout during my first year, so it brought some good memories! Anyways, I've been really sucky with posting and I will try to do better so (to those that actually check this blog) stay tuned for more outfits :)
                                                                     Fila Top- Asos
                                                                     Jeans- East end thrift store
                                                                     Bag- Aliexpress
                                                                     Sandals- Next
                                                                     Sunglasses- Asos



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